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Food Industries:

  • Slaughterhouses Cold Storage Room
    Slaughter Rooms for Bovines and Swines, Ostriches, Frogs and Other Slaughterhouses and Cold Storage Plants. Slaughterhouses, Cold Storage Room, Meat Market, Rendering, Charque Processing and Cold Meat Producing.
  • Milk and Dairy Industries
    Milk and Dairy Industries for Frescal Cheese production (Muzzarela, Minas Frescal, Ricota), Matured Cheeses (Prato, Minas Standard, Cobocó), Cured Cheese (Provolon, Cured Ricota), Parmesan Cheese, Ementhal Cheese, Gruyère Cheese, Cheese with Blue Mould (Roquefort, Gorgonzola), Cheese with White Mould (Camembert, Brie), Sweet-Milk, Yogurt, Milky Beverages, Butter, Milk, Milk-Cream, Milk Fudge, Whey Cheese.
  • Vegetables Origin Products
    Factories for Production of Fruit Polp, Precessed Vegetables, Toasted Chestnut, Corn Flour, Manioc Flour, Banana Processing, Soy Milk, Orange Juice, Coffee Torrefaction, Rice Betterment, Popcorn, Dried Tomatoes, Ketchup, Mustard.
  • Wine, Beer, Distilled, Liquor and Sugar Cane Products
    Factories of Wine, Small Brewery, Distilled, "Cachaça" (Liquor), "Rapadura",  Brown Sugar and Sugar Cane Products. 
  • Ice, Mineral Water and Soft Drinks
    Industry of Mineral Water Bottling, Ice and Soft Drinks Production.
  • Bakery and Pasta Industries
    Project for Industrial Bakery, Cream Cracker Factory, Mixture for Cakes, Dough, Cheese Roll, Pizza, Pastry and Macaroni.
  • Factories of Fruit Candies, Milk Fudge, Candies (Jell-O, Lollipop, Gum, Caramel), Chocolates
    Factories of Fruit Candies, Milk Fudge, Candies (Jell-O, Lollipop, Gum, Caramel), Chocolates, "Pao de Mel" (Honey Bread) "Mocotó" Sweet, Ice Cream Syrup, Creams, Fondant and Dietary Candies.
  • Ice Cream and Popsicle Industries
    Facotry Projects to Produce Ice Cream and Popsicles.
  • Beekeeping and Honey Production Factory
    Beekeeping and Factory of Honey and Bee Wax Productionl.
  • Egg Processing Factories
    Projects for Egg Factories, Canned Egg, Powder Egg, Liquid Egg, Pasteurized Egg, Lyophilisate Powder Egg, Pasteurized Liquid Egg, Egg Selection, Cold Storage Room for Egg and Egg IncubatorIncubadora de Ovos.
  • Food and Drinks Deliverer
    Deliverer of Drinks, Soft Drinks, Non-Perishable Food, Milk Products, Meat, Colds and Cold Meat.

Health Care Industries:

Other Types of Enterprise:

  • Hotel, Restaurants and Entertainment Center
    Ready Projects for Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, Buffet, Gym, Auditorium and Convention Cente, Lanhouse, Movies, Lottery.
  • Stores and Business
    Projects for Stores - Domestic utilities, Toys, Furniture, Kitchen Products, Carpet, Food Products, Clothes, Shoes, Lingerie, Bed, Table and Bath Products.
  • General Industries
    Ready Projects of Factories to Produce Activated Coal, Chalk, Polystyrene Styrofoam, Fire Extinguishers, Candles, Toilet Paper, Natural Liquid Smoke, Toothpick.
  • Public Works
    Sports Gym, City Slaughterhouses, Exhibition Parks, Small Hospitals, Emergency Room (Basic Health Unit).
  • Office and Workshops for Services
    Projects for Workshop for Glass Cutting, Insect and Pests Control, Beauty Parlour, Feet Treatment, Esthetic Center, Gas Cylinder Deliverer, Cleaning Office, Fotograph Studio, Flower StoresWorkshop for Brinding and paper Craft, Telemarketing.
  • Rural Construction
    Ostrich Breeding, Farm for Poultries, Shed for Goat and Sheep, Farm for Swine, Cowshed for Milk Cattle and Beef Cattle, Pens, Bee Breeding, Manure Storage Tank, Confinement Regime for Bovines, Biodigestors, Frog Area, Wastewater Treatment and Fodder Factory.
  • Fodders and Manure
    Factory Project to Produce Bran, Extruded and Pallet Fodders for Birds, Dogs, Cats and Fishes.
  • Tannings and Leather Tannery
    Tannery with Plant of the "Ribeira", Tanning and Finishing: Leather Reception, Soaking, De-Hairing, De-Fleshing, Classification, Splitting, De-Liming, Purge, Greasing, Pre-Tanning for wet white, Tanning wet blue, Vegetal Tanning, Classification, Lower, Re-Tanning, Dyeing, Grease, Stretching, Drying, Sanding, Impregnation, Deep Application, Press, Final Finishing, Measurement, Stocking
  • Wastewater Treatment for Industries
    Ready Projects for Station of Wastewater Treatment (Milk and Dairy Industry, Slaughterhouse and Urban Waste).

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Slaughter areas for bovines and Swines slaughter
Slaughter area for Poultry
Slaughter area for Frogs
Betterment Plant
Mini Betterment Plant
Micro Betterment Plant
Processing Area for Milky Food
Milky Food Factories (cheeses, Yogurts, Requeijão, Butter, etc...)
Industries for Powder milk
Cooling Milk Area
Macaroni Factory
Bakery Factories
Apiaries and Honey Houses
Enviromental Licensing
Mineral Water Bottle Industry
Slaughter area for small animals
Charques - Salt and Dry meat
Projects of Environmental Impact and Environmental Protection
Project for betterment of Dejections
Projects for Oxen Confinement
Conserves Factory
Factory of Greasy products
Processing area for Meat and derivatives
Factory for Eatable products
Processing area for Milky Food
Processing Area for Fish
Factory for Fish conserves
Processing Area for Eggs
Processing Area for Honey
Factory for Vegetable processing
Factory for Fruit Polp processing
Factory for Banana processing
Factory for Tomatoe Extract processing
Corn Flour Factory
Cassava Flour Factory
Soy Bran and Soy Oil Factory
Industrialization of Toasted Chestnut Cashew
Sugar Cane Destillery (Cachaça)
Brown Sugar Factory
Factory for Rapadura (Brown Sugar Block) and Melado
Cosmetics Factory
Factory for Shampoo, Skin Lotions, Gels
Industrial Laundries
Hospital Laundries
Unit Health Care


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